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Q&A – Jodie and Darren: “We Were Completely Floored When We Found Out We Were Expecting Twins.”

In the early days with twins, there can be a lot of tears… both from the babies and you!

Twin-mom Jodie opens up about feeling isolated when all your other mom-friends have ‘just one’. We ask how she and her husband Darren cope with juggling newborn twins and an older daughter. And she explains how having twins actually strengthened their marriage…

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LWM003: How Much Do Twins Cost?

Today on the podcast, we’re talking about multiples and money… the early weeks, months and years of raising multiples are hard enough, without having to worry about money. So yes, in today’s episode we’re talking about the “B” word: Budgeting. But don’t zone-out. It’s actually pretty easy…

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Gear & Stuff

The Best Baby Tracker App For Twins, Triplets & More

In the early weeks and months, it’s important to track your babies’ milestones… things like how much they’re eating, growing, sleeping, dirtying their diapers. You get the picture.

And there are a lot of baby tracking apps to help with the job. But twin mom Lynda Haddon found there wasn’t a great app for tracking twins, triplets or more.

So she decided to make her own, and we talked to her about it…

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