About Us

lifewithmultiples_tripletfamilyWe’re Kathleen and Chris, and the proud parents of young triplets. We have two identical twin boys and a fraternal twin girl. And, as evidenced in the photo, you can see we’re surviving (and still smiling!).

Our Story In Brief…

A few years ago, we decided to start a family and began trying for our first child. But shortly after Kathleen became pregnant, we received the shock of a lifetime. We learned that she was carrying spontaneous triplets. We had never had a baby, let alone three. And we were scared… to say the least.

We had so many questions. So many concerns. And so much to learn.

Does this sound like you?

If so, we encourage you to check out our page Expecting Multiples?

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Inspiration for this site…

Just like you, we were thrown into this adventure with absolutely no preparation. But we’re figuring things out as we go.

And we’ve learned a lot.

Having been through a multiple pregnancy, and having survived those first few years, we’ve created lifewithmultiples.com as a way to share our experience and build a resource and community for parents of multiples like you.

But we’re just one family, with our own unique experience. So, we also like to share experiences and advice from a variety of other multiples families. Check out our Twinspiration – Family Profiles section to read others’ stories, like:

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Welcome to Life With Multiples!  We’re excited to be blazing this trail with you!