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Having Multiples Without Going Broke

With twin or triplet babies entering the picture… you’ll obviously be facing additional monthly costs. And with possible parental leave, you may also be living on a reduced family income. So you will want to prepare for this and cushion the shock.

The early weeks, months and years of raising multiples are hard enough, without having to worry about money. So yeah, we’re talking about the “B” word: Budgeting. But don’t zone-out. It’s easy…

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Life With Multiples

Multiples: Realizing You’ve won the Baby Lottery

Upon receiving the shocking news that Kathleen was pregnant with spontaneous triplets, a part of me couldn’t help but wonder, Why was this happening to us?

We were overwhelmed by the thought of having three babies.  So despite the staggering odds of our situationI’m not sure ‘lucky’ was the first word I would have used to describe it…

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