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Planning Your Twin or Triplet Baby Shower

I’ve always liked attending other people’s baby showers… but I felt overwhelmed at the thought of having one for me.

I worried that our friends and family had already given us so much of their time and energy, helping us prepare our house, painting our triplets’ nursery, etc. that I didn’t want them to also worry about giving us gifts.

But I realized that just as I enjoyed giving gifts to my friends when they were pregnant, they were excited to return the favor. And we did have a very big list of baby items to buy…

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Tips & Tricks

Potty Training Twins & Triplets

For any parent, toilet or potty training is a daunting task. But for a parent of multiples, the idea of potty training twins or triplets can seem like an all-consuming-monumental task. Chris and I have made it to the top of this particular Everest and have a few thoughts we wanted to share for those of you starting your climb into the very wet, often messy, phase of potty training multiples.  

So here are our Toilet Training Tips for Twins and Triplets… (holy alliteration Batman!)

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Life With Multiples

The Biggest Lesson I learned Having Triplets

There are certain life moments that you dream of. For me, it was that moment right after birth, when a nurse hands you your perfect little baby, and you’re holding him or her for the first time. It’s that first moment shared with your partner and new baby — your first time as a family. The perfect picture.

Needless to say, when I found out I was having triplets, I had to adjust that picture…

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