LWM006: Best Apps for Twin Parents

Got multiples? There’s an app for that…

Today on the podcast, we’ll tell you about 4 great apps for parents of twins, triplets and more…

Now these aren’t necessarily twin or multiple-specific apps. But they’re ones that could certainly make your life with multiples easier.

So let’s not waste any time… and get right into it.

Jumelle: The Best Baby Tracker App

When I speak to groups of expectant parents of multiples… one question I often get is… is there an app for tracking twins?

There are a lot of baby tracking apps out there – to keep track of feedings, weight gain, milestones, etc… But not all are good for tracking more than one baby or even capable of tracking twins or more.

So, Jumelle is able to track up to 10 babies, which is perfect for new parents of multiples… or daycares for that matter.

This is a good app – You don’t need to struggle in a sleep-deprived fog to remember which twin, triplet or quadruplet did what.

And if you’re interested in learning more… we actually did a Q&A interview with the twin mom, Lynda Haddon who invented the app. And she created it because she saw a need in the market for a twin tracker app. So go check that out on the blog.

Lotsa Helping Hands

Lotsa Helping Hands is an app and a website at lotsahelpinghands.com

It’s a great way to create a community, to surround yourself with much-needed support.

Some people might just use Facebook to create a group, but this is good for people who have family and friends who may not be on Facebook.

It has something called the Help Calendar, where you can post requests for support. It could be things like meals for the family, rides to medical appointments, or just asking people to stop by to visit.

Members of your community can quickly find ways to help, and Lotsa will send reminders and help coordinate logistics automatically so that nothing falls through the cracks.

It’s pretty easy to use and in a minute or two you can have a new support community up and running.

You ca also use this app as an efficient way to update your community. So, share how things are going, update your requests and receive support and feedback.

We found that people are willing to help once they know what you need. And you can use this app to Let them know.

Another similar application is…

Meal Train

This runs off their website mealtrain.com – and as far as I know isn’t yet available as a mobile app per se.

But we know a few parents of twins who have found this one very helpful, especially during those early weeks and months.

It’s basically an Interactive, online meal calendar for people that are interested cooking meals for you.

Invitations can be sent via e-mail and Facebook.

And kind of like Lotsa Helping Hands – you can keep an online journal where you can post and share updates for those who are helping you.

There’s a free version, but it has more limited functionality.

Then there’s also Meal Train Plus, that is a relatively inexpensive one-time purchase… that gives you the ability to organize and arrange multiple daily meals, childcare, rides, visitors to the house or hospital and…. people to help with house cleaning and chores.

My Registry – Universal Registry App

Now, when you’re planning a baby shower for your new twins, or more, you probably don’t want to register at just one store. So this app allows you to create one universal gift registry from any retailer in the world.

So, say, you want to order baby bottles from an online retailer like Amazon, but your cribs you want from brick & mortar store like Ikea…

…this app allows you to add everything you want to a single registry.

Which makes things way easier for you and also the people who are looking to buy you gifts.

We think this is brilliant and definitely worth checking out at myregistry.com

Alright, that’s our list of Best apps for new and expectant parents of twin and more.

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