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The Best Baby Tracker App For Twins, Triplets & More

In the early weeks and months, it’s important to track your babies’ milestones… things like how much they’re eating, growing, sleeping, dirtying their diapers. You get the picture.

And there are a lot of baby tracking apps to help with the job. But twin mom Lynda Haddon found there wasn’t a great app for tracking twins, triplets or more.

So she decided to make her own, and we talked to her about it…

Your twins are older now. But when you were pregnant, did you find there was a lack of tools and information geared to parents of multiples?

At the time, I found there were zero support resources available to guide us, teach us, and address the concerns we were facing.

I have worked with hospital healthcare folks over the years and am constantly surprised how consistently they feel there is little or no difference between having one child at a time and having two or three at once.

It makes me want to pull my hair out! But I smile and try to explain.

Singleton prenatal classes do not meet the requirements for parents expecting multiples. Carrying two, three or more is nothing like having one at a time. And most teachers are not trained to address issues that multiple-birth parents need to know about.

I did join our local twin and triplet support chapter for peer support, which was amazing. Parents expecting twins or more need to be in contact with others on the same journey. But I found it didn’t provide concrete or valuable day-to-day resources such as information on breastfeeding or traveling with multiples, etc.

Raising a child is hard. And raising twins, triplets or more is a HUGE challenge.

And did you realize there wasn’t a great option for baby tracker apps, that served parents with twins or higher-order multiples?

There are several baby tracking apps now, but most are not geared to multiples.

So I recently created Jumelle: The Best Baby Tracker App for twins and more.

Having to sit with a piece of paper and make a chart for each child and then find the time to make multiple entries as soon as possible, as not to forget… was a chore.  If we didn’t fill something in, we were at a loss as to who actually did or did not do something. Or mixing them up.

So the app makes it quick and easy.

How does it work?

Parents take a picture of each child, upload it and can then easily track things like breast and bottle feedings, as well as diaper output… which is really important when breastfeeding because that is the only way to assess if the babies are taking in enough. And also sleeping habits.

But parents can use it to track anything they want.

There is space for notes too, so parents can add a funny story, notes about any medications or teething issues, for example.

There are also hints and tips for the first six weeks and in-depth information on breastfeeding.  And, Play-able lullabies.

How many children can you track?

It can track up to ten… I had daycares in mind as well.

How was your experience making an app?

It is enormously expensive to make an App.  I think it will take 100 years to recoup my money!  But it’s also satisfying and a lot of fun.

It was a labour of love.

I’ve had some good feedback. And that makes me happy.

Can you use it on phones and tablets?


And is it available for Android as well as iOS?

Only for Apple products currently.

Where can people find the app?

It is available on my site and from Apple iTunes and App Stores.  Just search “Jumelle: The Best Baby Tracker App”.


NOTE: The current version of Jumelle does not allow syncing via multiple devices. This option was available in prior releases. However, a fix is in the works for future software updates.

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