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Q&A – Crystal and Mark: “My Advice Is Simple… Have Faith That You Can Do It.”

When you find out you’ve got twins or triplets on the way… a few worries immediately come to mind. How will we afford this? Can we juggle multiple babies? And for triplet parents Crystal and Mark it was no different. But they’re managing to conquer each challenge by simply sticking to the belief that they can…

Please introduce yourself and your family!

My name is Crystal and I’ve been married to my husband Mark for six years. And we’ve been blessed with BGG triplets who are now 3.5 years old.

To say I was completely shocked when we discovered we were having three babies is a complete understatement.

I cried, a lot.

We had been trying for about a year but knew we would have issues. I suffer from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) so we knew before we started that we would probably need to go the fertility route to conceive.

We hit the jackpot on the sixth round of IUI. I found out at 4 weeks that there were definitely two babies but the tech saw a “shadow”.

At six weeks, it was confirmed, three little ones!

How was your pregnancy and delivery?

My pregnancy was a dream! I didn’t have any nausea or cravings. The worst part was experiencing heartburn near the end, and of course some pain from the weight of the babies.

I managed to carry until 35 weeks 4 days which was my scheduled C-Section day. I delivered with no complications.

It was very surreal to me as I didn’t go into labor prior so I basically walked into the OR very pregnant and not in any discomfort, and came out a mom of three in less than an hour.

All three kids were out in 45 seconds and Mark was actually able to get a photo of all three of them together as they came out. It’s a photo we really cherish as it encapsulates the exact moment our lives changed forever.

What was your biggest fear or anxiety when you learned you were having triplets?

As far as concerns regarding having multiples, I will admit that for us we immediately thought about the financial responsibility. At the time, Mark was in postgraduate school full-time and I was the sole bread winner. We weren’t sure how we were going to handle paying for daycare for three, plus all the other expenses.

Once we managed to figure out a financial plan that would work, the anxiety shifted to whether I would be able to carry all three to term and whether they would be healthy.

Triplet pregnancy is obviously high-risk, so every ultrasound was very stressful for me because in my mind, we were there to find something wrong with the babies. I was fortunate enough that my babies were growing and developing at every scan, but the fear is always there.

Maybe I’m just a cynic but it was tough.

Did you have help in the beginning?

In the beginning, we had help from my mom. It was wonderful to have an extra set of hands for feedings while we were still getting our routine in order. Also giving us a few hours of sleep during the day when the exhaustion took over.

What’s your best piece of advice for new and expectant parents of multiples?

My advice is simple… have faith that you can do it. Being confident that you can care for your children is such a huge motivator.

I’m still amazed at how we have survived to raise these three humans with no experience… and do it well.

Also, have a schedule set from the beginning and stick to it! Life is so much easier if they eat and sleep at the same time!

What’s the greatest thing about your life with multiples?

Watching the intense bond between my three grow and strengthen as they get older.

Even when we give them one-on-one time, they are always talking about their siblings or asking us to make sure we include them in some way.

For example, my son goes to the barber with his dad. He typically always gets a lollipop after his haircut and he always asks the barber for two more for his sisters.

No matter what, they are never far from each other’s minds and it just fills me with so much joy knowing that they will always have this bond.


Photo courtesy of Suzanne Taylor Photography

Wondering if you can afford your life with multiples?

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