Welcome to the Life With Multiples Podcast!

The Show for New and Expectant Parents of Twins, Triplets & more!

We’re Chris and Kathleen, your hosts and fellow parents of multiples.

We’ve survived life with multiples. And you will too!

When we found out we were having multiples we faced a lot of the same questions and uncertainties you might have. Like…

  • How is life going to be with more than one baby?
  • How can we afford this?
  • How bad is the sleep deprivation?
  • How should we be preparing?

And not surprisingly, after we learned we were having more than one baby, we realized that a lot of the parenting books and blogs we were reading – just weren’t going to cut it.. in terms of providing us with the knowledge and specialized information we were going to need.

Stuff like:

  • Managing a healthy multiple birth pregnancy
  • How to navigate a NICU
  • How to feed multiples babies (and get enough sleep…)
  • And… How to find a vehicle that would accommodate three car seats… spoiler alert… we got a mini-van…

So, after making it through the first few years with triplets – we started Life With Multiples, especially for parents of twins, triplets and more – to provide tools and information for other parents who find themselves in this unique situation.

So, we encourage you to visit us there at lifewithmultiples.com

Over on the site, you’ll find a bunch of great blog posts – interviews with other parents of twins, triplets and quadruplets – where they share their best tips… as well as free downloadable resources we hope you’ll find helpful.

And this podcast is another great way for you to access some of the information you’ll need.

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