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Capturing the Moment with Multiples: Tips for Photographing Twins

When you’ve got twins or triplets (especially if they’re your only children), you’ve GOT to take lots pictures. Because once each ‘stage’ is over… that’s it, no more photo ops.

So, I’d like to share some tips on how to best capture your life with multiples in photographs!

In the early weeks, we were too shell-shocked to organize an Anne Geddes-esque photoshoot, with our newborn triplets dressed up like three peas in a pod, or a pumpkin patch or whatever people do.

Those types of photos are only possible with really young, sleepy babies. So, for better or worse, we missed the boat on that one.

But ever since, I’ve been trying to capture our kids’ ‘journey through life’ with photos. Because it’s amazing how quickly you forget certain moments, or how they looked, or the incredible things you’ve done together.

So, I try to capture the moment whenever I can.

And I was searching for tips on how to take better pictures. And I found this article called How to Photograph Kids… By a Former Poorly Photographed Kid by Frank McKenna.

As Frank explains it, he wishes he could go back in time and “give my 1970′s dad a few tips on how to take better pictures of me…”

And to help save other children from being immortalized in mediocre, or even horrible, photographs… he offers some great tips on how to get the most out of your camera and out of the moment.

And, in case you were worried… you don’t need a fancy camera for any of this. I have a fancy camera, and I never use it.

The camera on your smartphone can do incredible things.

Frank’s article gives ten tips. But I’m going to share my five favorites.

Here they are:

1. Get Out of the Studio

Frank’s first tip here is great. Don’t religate yourself to a studio. And forget the mall “portrait studio”. Save awkward posed photos for their future school yearbook pics. Frank suggests getting into your kids’ natural environment to capture that spontaneous cuteness. “Get outside. Go in their room. Go anywhere to take kid shots – just not in a studio.” The other key message I got here is that you can capture these moments. You don’t need a professional.

2. Get on the Ground

He says, “If you’re not cutting your eye level view down to under 2 or 3 feet, then you’re not capturing the kids in the way that they see the world.” This is a great tactic for capturing a better portrait of your kids. Otherwise, you’re just taking pictures of the tops of their heads. So, get down to their eye level. Your photograph will tell a better story.

3. Create a Situation, Then Watch What Unfolds

This is awesome. He writes, “Kids are unpredictable in a predictable sort of way…. if you put a bowl of chocolate ice cream in front of them without a spoon, what do you think will happen?” We tried something similar with this shot when our triplets turned a year old.

lwm-first-bdayHRM Photography

4. Machine Gun Shoot

“Put your camera on high-speed mode and shoot. Sure you end up throwing out a lot of the shots, but there are those golden gems that are priceless.” Another good tip. It’s amazing how many times someone will blink, just when you’re taking the photo. And with twins or triplets in one photograph… it’s even harder to capture everyone perfectly in a single shot. So now I take several shots for each ‘moment’, and delete the bad ones later.

5. Put Them in Big Stuff

I love this last tip. “Kids pretending to be adults is a sure fire way for cuteness. I like to put big shoes on kids (like their parent’s shoes) and take pictures. You can also give them their parent’s guitar, or put them on their parent’s drum set. Whatever you can do to put the kids in a situation where they are acting like their parents in a cute way works pretty well.”

Hope these tips help you capture some amazing memories of your multiples.

Happy photographing!

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