LWM005: 10 Tips & Life Hacks for Twins and more

Today on the podcast… we’ll give you 10 tips and life hacks for your life with multiples.

Now these 10 tips are from a booklet we put together called 25 Pro Tips and Life hacks for New and Expectant Parents of Multiples.

You can download the entire booklet for free HERE.

Alright, let’s get started.

1. Make a DIY Double or Triple Baby Bouncer

If you’re using basic wire-frame bouncers, (the ones that you bounce with your foot…), use zip ties to hook them together. Or you can try just overlapping them slightly. This way, when you bounce one baby, you bounce them all! We did this and it worked like a charm.

2. Set up Change Stations on Each Floor

If your home has more than one level, consider setting up a diaper change station on each floor. When you need to change a diaper, you won’t want to drag a baby up or down a flight of stairs, and leave your others unsupervised. With a change station nearby, you’ll be ready when disaster pants strike!

3. Stick to One Type of Bottle

If you plan on bottle-feeding, we suggest NOT buying various different bottle brands or types. Baby bottles have several parts, and if you have different types, they’re easy to mix up.
Sometimes the attachments will look the same from brand to brand, but they’re often not… and the bottle will leak. It gets confusing fast. So keep it simple.

4. Buy Multiples for Your Multiples

Now, we all know our kids are each unique and individual snowflakes. But their things don’t have to be. For instance, we made the mistake of buying three different Sesame Street placemats… an Elmo, a Big Bird, and a Grover. This was a mistake. Everyone wanted the Elmo one. And that caused HUGE conflict and heartbreak on a daily basis. Next time, we’ll buy 3 Elmos. Problem solved.

5. Take Advantage of a Onesie’s Escape Hatch

Have you ever noticed those diagonal flaps at the shoulders of onesies? Ever wondered why they’re there? Well if your baby has a disaster diaper and the onesie gets soiled, you don’t want to drag all the mess over your child’s head. Those flaps expand, so you can take the baby’s shoulders/arms out and slide it off by the feet. True fact.

6. Hand Your Babies a Cold One

More and more parents are not warming bottles before feedings. It’s not considered necessary and saves a ton of time! Warming milk and formula, and making sure it’s not too hot is super annoying. So try going cold from the start.

7. Forget Folding

You won’t have the time or patience for folding laundry… unless it’s something you find calming and want to do in your dwindling spare time, (but we doubt it!). So just keep two baskets near your changing station(s). One for clean sleepers and one for dirty. Just grab and go. No folding necessary.

8. Stop Door-to-Door Sales People in Their Tracks

When you’ve finally got your babies to sleep, the last thing you need is a solicitor ringing your doorbell (possibly causing your dog to bark… trust us…) and waking everyone up. Place a note on your door, telling people you’ve got sleeping babies inside and not to bother. Maybe leave your number so people can text instead. You can also take this a step further and temporarily disconnect your doorbell.

9. Photograph Your Kids in Birth Order

When taking group photos, especially if your multiples look similar, always place your children in birth order. This way, years later, everyone will know who’s who.

10. Use Plastic Bibs

When you start using bibs, go for plastic-y ones rather than cloth. They’ll keep your kids more clean and dry. They also wipe off and dry quickly which reduces laundry. If and when you need to give plastic bibs a good cleaning, don’t put them in the dryer! They will melt into little clumps. And I speak from experience…

Alright, so those are the first 10 of 25 Pro-Tips and Life Hacks for New and Expectant Parents of Multiples. If you’d like to receive the entire guide, for free, with the full list of 25 tips… head on over to lifewithmultiples.com/tips


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