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Twin Gear: Sanity Saving Stuff for the First Year with Multiples

One thing many new parents of twins, and more, want to know is… what gear is essential, especially for that first year. And also, what are those ‘sanity saving’ items that no parent of multiples should do without. So we asked our readers for input, and here’s what you said…

If you’re looking for a guide to the essentials… check out our free Life With Multiples Checklist for New Parents: A Guide to the Clothing, Equipment and Supplies You’ll Need for Infant Twins, Triplets and Quadruplets. It outlines all the MUST HAVES for the first year, and HOW MUCH of everything depending on the number of babies you have.

But then, there are also those products and pieces of gear and equipment for twins that may not be ‘essential’ but are certainly ‘sanity saving’.

Here’s what y’all had to say. You’ll notice that a few of these items get mentioned again and again.

Your suggestions for sanity saving stuff for the first year with Twins & more…

Some kind of vibrating or bouncing chair for each child. At least one ExerSaucer, Jolly Jumper, and activity mat etc. We would just rotate the kids. And a big playpen. We loved our Joovy Room2 Playard, especially when they became mobile.


Necessary… SwaddleMe swaddle sacks. A good video monitor that we attached right to the crib so I can watch bellies rise and fall in new-mom panic mode. Boon drying rack. WubbaNub pacifiers. Any baby wearing device I could get my hands on… Moby wrap, Ergobaby, Pippalily sling.


Baby swing, bouncer, and activity mats to keep a baby happy and occupied while you’re dealing with another. And a good breast pump. I used the Medela Freestyle.


A double stroller with boogie board, for my older child to stand on, was invaluable. The City Select double stroller and the glider board that goes with it is made by BabyJogger. And two vibrating bouncy chairs for the twins, helped me get a break. Worked like a charm.


Sound machine. The girls are still reliant on it at 4 years old. It’s nice to have because it helped them sleep as babies and blocked out any unwanted noise that could wake them up. Also, the Miracle Blanket worked wonders for soothing a fussy baby.


Jolly Jumpers and ExerSaucers were great.


Double breastfeeding pillow that allowed me to feed them at the same time. And a comfortable chair… since I spent a lot of time in one.


Sleepers with zippers! Zippers are your friend! At night, in the dark, buttons are the enemy. Multiple bottle warmers. One for upstairs, one for downstairs, one for Grandma’s house, etc. Buy used to save money. And a good diaper bag. A diaper bag is an investment. It’ll be dragged everywhere and is now a staple wardrobe piece.


Good baby carriers. We had a double stroller but we found it to be cumbersome and hard to get on and off public transit, because we didn’t have a car at the beginning. So having sturdy carriers made us more mobile. The BabyBjorn was our savior.

And when they got bigger, we inherited a wagon with seat belts that is great for getting around the hood. I’d say it’s a twin must.

Oh, and also a simple water proof and foldable picnic blanket for many park hangouts was a great help.


Having a swing, a bouncy chair and a play mat was great to rotate the kids through. I also had a big plastic play yard in the family room. We put foam flooring down and the kids played in it like a giant play pen.


Since I bottle fed and pumped at the same time, the Boomerang Nursing Cushion was an absolute godsend.

We never bought a changing table, we just bought the mat and threw it on top of our dresser.

Stroller is a big-ticket item…we had a tandem stroller for their car seats….hated it with the actual seats cause pushing it was a nightmare. We bought 2 single strollers for airplane trips so we can maneuver through the airport easily. We made sure it had an almost full recline so they can sleep if needed. We then bought a side by side also with a near flat recline and we absolutely LOVE it. So easy to push, they love being beside each other.


The best purchase was my triplet umbrella stroller I purchased from the UK. Very light compared to most triplet strollers. Research what will work for you. Don’t buy one based on how it looks. Buy for functionality.


Ikea Antilop high chairs. Great for when they can sit up. Very light and mobile.


Loved the Twin Z Pillow for bottle feeding.


The Thule Urban Glide 2 running stroller! It’s been my lifeline to getting back in shape while enjoying the fresh air and nature’s beauty!


I had two sets of twins 2.5 years apart. Wish I had known what I do now. Can’t live without, double nursing pillow such as My Brest Friend. Costco membership… you go through a lot of diapers and wipes. It’s worth it just for the diapers and wipes.


For me a good stroller and the baby carrier were key, basically any equipment that made me mobile. The stroller allowed me to go anywhere and do pretty much anything. I didn’t want the babies to be dependent on being home in bed for naps. I wanted them to be easy-going and flexible with a routine that they molded to and not the other way around.


Bottle warmer and Baby Brezza were musts for us.


Baby Brezza, bottle props and lots of burp clothes


The Weego TWIN Baby Carrier. I could not survive without it. I carried my twins everywhere with it.


The Keekaroo Peanut Changer was by far the best product we purchased. Loved it!!!! Also, the Twin Z Pillow was amazing for feeding both babies at the same time.


My twins are currently 5 months old, but so far my wouldn’t trades are the Snap N Go Double Stroller. Its only 17lbs and so easy for me to go out on my own with them. Also since moving to all formula I’m loving the Dr. Brown formula pitcher, I make all the days bottles ahead of time and with this pitcher. I can do it in less than 10mins.


The Twin Z Nursing Pillow was a lifesaver. I seriously couldn’t have nursed without it.


I have 7 month old twins and we can’t live without our Rock n Plays. The twins are almost out of them and we don’t have a back up plan….eek!

And, our Table for Two twin feeding chair and bottle labels. Each baby eats a different amount and has different doses of medicine. I get them on Amazon.


The Twin Z pillow!


The Baby Brezza is amazing!! I wasn’t so sure it would be worth the money, but it was worth every penny.


Rock n Plays, Oxo pop-up wipes case, and Buggy Bench!!


Table for two. It’s a twin feeding table but honestly, it was like a baby couch. We used it until they were 18 months. I found it super helpful just to have a safe and comfy place for them to sit or be fed. Double Snap N Go was a lifesaver, especially while on vacation. Dwinguler play mat for countless hours playing. Still use it now with my 3 yr old girls.


In your main living space, you will need at least as many baby safe activities as there are babies. Two for twins, three for triplets, etc. Swing, Pack n Play, Rock n Play, jumper, ExerSaucer, bouncer. Holding them 24/7 isn’t realistic and if you have to leave the room to pee, you need to know they are safe.

I never had the Twin Z pillow. I had 2 Boppys and it was great, I feel it was more convenient because it wasn’t so big and each spouse could feed one. I did not breastfeed though.

Speaking of formula. Baby Brezza. Just don’t try to feed formula without it. Ever. It’s worth every last penny, and it’s not that expensive anyway. Nobody should have to measure and shake formula for a year.


Cloth diapers. Not for diapers but for burp rags. Packs of them!!! As many as you can!!! And an automatic rocker. Not a swing. A Rock n Play that plugs in and rocks/vibrates/drones itself. Without these, would have lost my mind!


Rock n Plays are a lifesaver!! Love our Bugaboo Donkey for twins. My Brest Friend twin nursing pillow is also great.


I have 6-month-old twin boys. Must-haves have been our Bumbleride Indie twin stroller for “rougher” rides on our dirt road and trails on our property. And our City Select stroller for in-town.

Weego twin carrier for when the twins were smaller. MamaRoo, from birth until now. Pack N Play, playpen for boys to sleep in from birth – 5 months. 

And my absolute must have has been baby nests!! We had a family friend make ours but Doc-a-Tot makes lovely ones and I know that there are usually local businesses that also make these all over the place and on Etsy!


Since I was unable to nurse, my Baby Brezza kept me sane during the many night feeds. It was worth every penny for a bottle in 10 seconds. We also loved our Grobag sleep sacks for the first winter. We knew they would be warm and it prevented any legs between crib bars. They loved their fisher-price swings. They were on constantly during the first 5 months. I was so sad to see them leave.


The best gift the twins got their first Christmas was a box of D Batteries for their swings.


And if you haven’t already…

Don’t forget to check out our free Life With Multiples Checklist for New Parents: A Guide to the Clothing, Equipment and Supplies You’ll Need for Infant Twins, Triplets and Quadruplets


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