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LWM004: Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Us About This?

Today on the podcast… we’ll tell you about one product that can make your life so much more simple with twins, triplets and more.


There is a product. And I guess it’s a best-kept secret. Because NO ONE told us about it when we first had our triplets.

And it would have made our lives SO MUCH easier…

So, recently on our Facebook page – over – we asked our followers what were the life-saving pieces of baby gear that they’d recommend to new and expectant parents of twins and more. And overwhelmingly they named this one product.

So what is this miracle product? Alright, it’s called the Formula Pro by Baby Brezza.

Now first off, I should say that we have no affiliation with this company or product. However, I kinda do wish I’d invented it.

Think of a coffee maker that makes baby forumla, instead of coffee. Actually you can put it right next to your coffee maker… so you can make them both at the same time.

The Baby Brezza – Formula Pro, actually measures, dispenses and mixes water and powdered formula to the perfect temperature and consistency. So apparently, you just press a button and you can prepare a bottle within seconds – and you don’t have to worry about it being too hot, to cold, or having air bubbles that will give your babies gas…

According to the Baby Brezza website it’s “the revolutionary new way of preparing your baby’s formula bottles.” And normally that would sound like hyperbole to me… but in this case… it’s actually kind of true.

Because I remember having to bulk mix giant batches of formula when we were bottle feeding our triplets. And it was such a hassle… measuring everything, heating the bottles, worrying that there’d be air bubbles that would make the kids all gassy.

Jamie, one of the parents who recommended this ‘revolutionary’ device said this: “Just don’t try to feed formula without it. Ever. It’s worth every last penny, and it’s not that expensive anyway. Nobody should have to measure and shake formula for a year.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Because, sadly, that’s what I did.

If you’re interested in knowing what other products were recommended by our Facebook followers, we compiled them into a giant blog post called:


And that can be found over at our website –

And if you’re in the midst of buying and collecting all the things you’ll need for the first year… we recommend downloading our Life With Multiples Checklist. It’s a guide to all the clothing, equipment and supplies you’ll need for that first year and beyond.

And people have found it super helpful.

So you can access that for free at

No one told us about the Formula Pro when our triplets were bottle feeding. But at least we can pass the wisdom on to you. And hopefully it comes in handy if you end up formula feeding your twins or triplets

Alright thanks for listening to this epsiode. Be sure to download that free gear and equipment checklist at

And we’ll see you next time.

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