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Why We Dress Our Identical Twins the Same

Dressing your identical twins the same isn’t a popular move these days… and it’s something we never planned on doing. But experience has taught us, there are a few good reasons to dress your twins alike…

We understand why dressing your multiples in matching clothes is kind of frowned upon.

There’s concern about others lumping your multiples together and treating them as a unit, ‘the twins’, rather than individuals. And that’s valid.

Promoting ‘individuation’ is an important consideration when raising twins. Even though, as any parent of multiples knows… your babies are distinct individuals from birth, despite what clothes you put them in.

But point taken.

Also, dressing your twins alike, especially if they are identical like our boys, can be confusing to friends and acquaintances who might already have trouble telling them apart.

Our boys hate it when people mix them up (unless it’s part of a trick that they’re playing on people… then it’s hilarious).

To be clear, we don’t think dressing twins alike is particularly cute or even desirable. Again, it was never something we planned on doing.

In a way, it’s something our twins chose.

So here are a few reasons why we dress our identical twins the same…

Kids can be petty…

Let’s face it… kids can be petty. They will fight over toys and they will fight over clothes.

So, when we know an item of clothing is going to be popular or contentious (say a hypothetical Spider-Man t-shirt…) we’ll buy two (hypothetically).

For the most part, our twins do dress differently. It’s definitely our preference.

But, when you’re trying to get your kids out the door for school, and it’s a race against the clock… the last thing you need is an argument over who gets to wear the (hypothetical) Spider-Man t-shirt.

The cost of a second spider-man t-shirt: $14.99. Having a no-fight morning: priceless.

Kids can be picky…

Even though we try to give our kids a variety of clothing options… kids can be picky.

They usually pick a couple favorite outfits and rotate them regularly.

Case in point… even though we’ve got a drawer full of great bottoms, the boys won’t leave the house in anything but black skinny jeans.

At first, we had a single pair of these black skinny jeans. And because our identical twins are the same size, they took turns wearing them.

It’s one of the advantages of being a twin, your wardrobe is usually doubled (or halved, if you’re a glass-half-empty kind of twin).

But eventually, the black skinny jeans became the ONLY thing our boys would wear. Again, arguments ensued… between them, and between us and them.

Have you ever tried forcing a kid into a pair of blue jeans? It’s not fun. Or even possible, really.

So, in order to keep things civil, we ended up buying about 6 pairs of these black skinny jeans.

Their closet might look like Batman’s, but it at least simplifies the choices.

And there is no more tug of war with the black skinny jeans.

But as a result, the boys ALWAYS dress the same… at least from the waist down. And they really don’t seem to mind.

Buying multiples for your multiples…

We don’t love clothes shopping. And it’s sometimes hard to find nice children’s clothing that isn’t emblazoned with cartoon characters, giant branded logos or silly slogans like “Track Champ 1968”.

So when we find something nice, that fits the twins, it’s sometimes easier to just buy multiples of the same thing.

If we find a nice plain sweatshirt, for example, we might buy two or three (in different patterns or colors, if we can).

Kids don’t need a lot of variety in their wardrobe.

But they do need a lot of wardrobe. Because kids can get messy.

Dressing the same, to stand out from the crowd…

Finally, another good reason you might want to dress your twins the same is when going out in crowds.

Dressing your kids in ‘team colors’ is helpful if you’re venturing into a busy public place.

Whether it’s the zoo or even a busy playground, it can be very difficult (and stressful) keeping track of multiple kids.

So putting them each into matching (and we recommend brightly-colored) shirts and hats can help you spot them easily if they happen to get away from you.

Go team go!

Alright, there you have it. A few reasons you might consider dressing your twins the same.

In our experience, you do what works.

And so far, this has worked for us.

Good luck!

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