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What’s Your Mantra? – Words of Wisdom From Parents of Twins, Triplets & Quadruplets

With all the insanity that goes along with being a parent of twins, triplets or more… it’s often helpful to have little mantras, or sayings, to get you through the longer days and weeks.

So we asked our readers to share their mantras for life with twins, triplets, quads and more. And we compiled them into this post.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that parents of multiples are equal parts thoughtful and hilarious.



We’ll go first:

During our high-risk triplet pregnancy… we could have lost sleep worrying about everything that could have gone wrong.

But that would have been a waste of our precious energy. So our mantra was…

“There’s no sense worrying until there’s something to worry about.”

It helped put our minds at ease and focus on the things we could control.

Erin says:

I have twin boys age 1.5 and an older son age 4.5. I remind myself that “This too shall pass.”

It helps me get through the rough times and it also helps me try to cherish the sweet times.

Alanna has twins and also repeats:

“This too shall pass.”

Tough times a plenty especially at age 3!!! But this mantra always kept me looking ahead and putting one foot in front of the other.

Triplet-mom Norah agrees:

Yes! “This too shall pass!” Absolutely!

We just kept laughing whenever we could. Sometimes it was hysterical from exhaustion, but it still counted.

Lynda is a mom to twins who says:

I use to say to myself a lot, “Just gotta get through this 5 minutes.”

Kelly has twins and two singletons, and says:

I just remind myself “I will miss this one day.”

Twin parents Kristen and Kevin live by these three mantras:

“Divide and Conquer.”

“We’re calm, they’re calm.”

“It’s okay if it doesn’t get done today.”

Kerry says:

Every day since the day we found out…

“Where there is will there is a way.”

Jenn has quadruplets and offered this:

“It could always be worse!”

Right? Right?! Please for the love of god tell me it could be worse!

Twin mom Nicole says to herself:

“God blessed me with twins and He will give me what I need to raise them.”

Triplet-mom Jen:

“One day at a time.”

Quad mom Alicia reminds herself:

“Jail time is longer.”

Jacquie is a grandma to twins, and her saying is:

“Remember if the Mama goes down, we all go down.”

Mandy says:

“Breathe in, breathe out, don’t freak out.”

Twin mom Missy says:

“Be a duck.” Which means to roll with it.

Stephanie added this:

I have 15 month old identical twin boys. I was pregnant with triplets, but we lost our daughter to a cord accident shortly before they were born.

“It is what it is” has gotten us through a lot these last couple years. :)

Kerry who has two sets of twins and seven children total (!) says:

“One thing at a time, one day at a time.”

Carolyn says:

We have 5 year old b/g twins. I was pregnant with triplets however we lost one along the way. At that point, our physician said to us

“Well, how do you feel about twins?”

My husband and I frequently say that to each other when times get crazy. It brings things into perspective and lends a lighthearted tone to the wackadoodleness.

Not sure if this qualifies as a mantra but it still comes in handy to this day.

Dina has triplet boys:

I probably have a few mantras. I sometimes say,

“One day my boys will grow up and my house will be quiet and clean and organized. And I will be sad.”

It helps me embrace the chaos and cherish it when I can.

I also made up a playful song called “I quit!”.

It’s kind of funny and upbeat and when things get really crazy, I will start singing it at the top of my lungs.

The lyrics are simple: “I Q-U-I-T, I quit. I Q-U-I-T quit. I quit, I quit, I quit, I quit, I quit I quit, I quit. Bye!”

Twin parents Jodie & Darren, say:

When it was early on, and life was more chaotic than I could ever describe… when all three girls were crying the only thing we could do was laugh… Darren and I would just laugh and say,

“Those are our monkeys, and this is our circus”.


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